Meet the Sokoler-Medley Real Estate Team

My wife Norine (a real estate agent and partner with me) and I moved to Louisville about 20 years ago. I was working as a reporter and anchor for a TV news station and had worked all throughout the country. We fell in love with Louisville - the people, the friendliness and cleanliness of the city. As a reporter and anchor I was constantly looking to increase the size of the market I was working in. However, there was a trade-off for all of our moves. Every time we relocated we had to sell our home and buy a new one in a new city. Each time we found it to be a nerve-wracking process. We had no one to turn to, the real estate laws were different in each city, and we found that there was no one that we could trust. When I changed careers 10 years ago and moved to real estate, Norine and I decided that we would create a team of local experts comprised of the best agents in the city. The goal for our team was simple: Our clients would never feel the way that we felt whenever we moved. We would eliminate the feelings of uncertainty for our buyers and sellers, spend as much time with them as possible, and guide and assure them at every turn. We now have a team of 17 agents, we are ranked #1 in the city five years in a row (soon to be six years) and two of our three children have joined us in the real estate business. We have found Louisville to be a great place to raise our family and enjoy all that life has to offer!